The Mystery of Sweet Response


Shontelle went to the market place for some ripe grapes
And yellow drapes for her white walls
Perhaps the hue would make light the silence
Drowning the sound of old tapes humming nothingness

The cheery young trader whose grapes she did barter
Flashed a dimpled smile, uncoy!
The bluntness of his stare knocking her senseless
His lips unmoving, save the ever slight upward turn of its corners

Six stalls down his grape stand she walked
Trudging on to garner some scented spices
“Good day again, can I barter more grapes? ”
Back she was, under the intensity of his well lit eyes and upturned lips

Drapes forgotten
Spices unpurchased
She basked in response to sweet response
Finding better drapes in him

Along Came The Rain

We all need to be children sometimes
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It was a sunny day when the rains came Looking out I could see the lightning flash
With a clash not unnoticed

Bearing thick blankets for the royals,
I ascended the stairs to the west wing
In there I sat with the frightened heirs

As I began to sing,
They soon fall asleep
Rest assured

Looking out again,
I see some lads down the meadow
Dancing in the rain with such childish glee

Concerned about the aftermath of their rain-dance
I feel a little shiver down my spine
As if hearing my thoughts, they disappear into the cottage

I smile.
Some tranquillity bought

The rain continued in its’ tap dancing
Like a cantankerous wizard
Beating about a flat woody terrain

Above me I could hear the rain pounding
Efforts to block out the clapping thunder are vain
The heirs snuggle deeper into the blankets

– Children on a rainy day –


Birth pangs… We will deliver!

Blunt fingernails pluck at the binds

Loose me of these confines
My mind’s eye holds a clear picture
A stunning landscape of my purpose

Yet captive within this mind
Deep desire untapped
Still, well secured, this carcass of a bind remains

The motions of determined abilities
Ever restive beneath this cocoon
As an Uruk-hai in birth


Come free all that lies surplus
Let this quaking resonate from my core
With boundless eruptions at its’ wake

Let Me Out – Now!


Enclosed by seemingly dark waters
Held within the confines of the Captain’s secure ship
Coming up only for air, nourishment, tete-a-tetes
Untouched by ravenous creatures lying restive within the deep blues


Aye, perhaps my calculated struggles – tilt! 
Against this vessel that holds me captive
Would propel me to my freedom

A wider horizon
Filled with many-a people
A solid terrain
Filled with the blooming of seeds planted

Yet, within my glass prison I fail to acknowledge reason:
The blue waters holding my meals
The vessel, a brick wall against predators pining for my flesh
The Captain’s mind-blogging seamanship

If patience and reason win
I’d endure my times and seasons
Emerging when the land is green

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Ducts running over with unshed tears
Heart tugging hard against my chest
A crescendo of emotions
Cascading down the flight of my soul

I look for a love inexpressible
A love much like the taptap of a drum drummed.
Who would look into my soul and satisfy this wild yearning?
Kisses, lips locked in fiery passion would not do
Words spoken out the mouth of many lovers, would not do
My want is insatiable

Kiss my unshed tears
Numb the dull thud in my failing heart
Give me embers of a heart, red hot
Give me you, without restraint

Marry me, good groom
Encapsulate me in your love
Make me your lover-bride
The jewel on your crown

I long to bring great lustre to your shine
To smell of your intoxicating perfume
The scent of your very being


You’re the shine to my sun
You’re the light to my moon
You’re the fire to my wood
You’re the beat to my heart


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