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Against odds – perfectly lined up propaganda
Boldly extinguish the firebomb
Benumb that seething hubbub
Action, in word/deed, a tool not just an idea



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So the trumpet trumped, loud and urgent
The mountains scurry off
The fingers of fine tress wave on earnestly
Many a people hurry by,
It would seem that the signal had been given and well received it was.

Yet I watched on listlessly
My mind hinged lightly as on a bruised reed
Ready to break
My zeal, once an array of vibrant embers, smothered.
Of course I understood the trump
But I couldn’t react
I wouldn’t react.

Dare I die to this life and live again?
Oh how shrill the sound of the silence in my soul!
Rejuvenate me
Resound ever loudly in my soul,
The soft tunes of stringed melody.
I want to live again
I choose life

The mountains skip
The earth quakes
Bodies move urgently as with direction
And I am one of them.


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She dipped her pen in scarlet,
Carved out a sheet of the clouds’ misty curve
On it she penned a letter of love
As whispers of excitement softly tugged the earth

In her heart, a thousand words fluttered by
Much like the sparks within an electric cable
Blue, Gold, Purple, Red, Silver: hue incredible!
In her heart, a decent picturesque of the dimpled gent who walked by

Loud whispers serenade the earth
Making beautiful melodies
There is a writing in the clouds above
A masterstroke made by love


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Where does it all begin and end?
Simple reasoning says it starts from their mothers’ wombs
And ends definitely in their graves.
But the interval between the beginning and the end –


Time Changes Things

Leota saw her one-time best buddy, now friend, Anne with her (Anne’s) one-time sweetheart, now friend, Corban Tuck
Both in a thicket, stuck!
But you see, Leota walked the path with abandon
And afar off she watched with a mask donned
As Corban Tuck and Anne in their fix sweat
In a continued not so private tete-a-tete